FAQ 常见问题

Frequently asked questions 常见问题

What do we charge for the service?

The price depends on a few factors such as location and installation details, i.e. how many storeys, access, amount of panels, age of system etc. but our standard price is $350.

Do solar panels require a lot of maintenance?

No, well installed solar panels don't require much maintenance aside from periodic cleaning. Other parts of the system may also require attention from time to time including cables, roof penetrations, electrical isolators and switches.

How do you maintain solar panels?

Solar panels normally just require periodic cleaning to remove surface contamination and allow maximum sunlight through the surface glass of the panel.

How do solar panels get cleaned?

As per manufacturer's instructions, we only use water and soft bristled brushes/mops. Chemicals and high pressure hoses should never be used on solar panels.

How do you check if my solar is working correctly?

Checking the voltage and current outputs from the panels, the AC connection of the inverter to the network and accessing the inverter's monitoring platform we can establish how well the system is working and if it needs repairs.

Is a solar power systems maintenance expensive?

No, the average cost of annual solar system maintenance is below 5% of the initial purchase costs.

If my system isn’t working properly, can you fix it?

Our electricians are experts at fault finding and diagnosing system issues. We are 100% confident we can offer a safe and reliable solution for every problematic solar system.

My system says an ‘error code’ what do I do?

Some error codes indicate high grid voltage or low PV voltage during dusk or dawn which is acceptable and usually the result of some commissioning details not being accurate, this does not always mean a site visit is necessary. Whereas some error codes are warning of inherent safety issues with the system and these should be actioned ASAP. Take a photo of the inverter label type showing the make/model and serial number and if possible a photo of the error code and contact one of our friendly engineers on 1300 887 007 to discuss. Many of our new maintenance customers find that we can remotely access their system after a few minutes on the phone. From there we can advise of a site visit is required for further investigations or if the error code is not a safety concern but can be looked at during the next scheduled maintenance/clean.

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