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Our Story

Who is Oakwood

Oak is a tree of great diversity grown all around the world. The wood from the oak tree has been prized since the middle ages for its strength and hardness. Today the wood from oak is used for buildings, wine barrels and furniture. 


So like the oak trees and its wood, Oakwood is about diversity, this diversity is shown by the seven colours of the Oakwood brand representing the 7 wine regions of Australia, our source for our wines. 

Oakwood also stands for strength, the strength of our brands, flexibility to make it happen and the hardness to ensure we deliver on what our customers need. 


Oakwood is about building the right wine package to meet our customers needs and ensuring we deliver on our commitments.

Service We Provide

We provide you with a key service that is the link between sourcing quality wines and having that wine delivered into China . 


This includes the following services 

  • Sourcing wine stable for the China market 

  • Export documentation preparation 

  • Customs clearance 

  • Logistics solutions 

  • Shipping 

  • Marketing options things like tasting notes, wine training, video tastings and point of sale all produced in Chinese

  • On line solutions for platforms like WeChat

  • Market knowledge 

  • Wine education and support 

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